Never Stop Learning

Achieving a certification in user research confirmed that my curiosity around audience behavioral insights could complement my existing design capabilities. My goal is to create intentional, creative and meaningful communications that drive substantive business outcomes informed by verifiable consumer needs and wants. It’s a simple equation to complex problem-solving: research and synthesis supports and drives design, providing a roadmap to understanding and addressing latent user needs. I’m curious about people and technology, the unique artifacts we might create and the stories we might tell when these worlds intersect and shape the future. The marriage of research and design opens the door to great storytelling and great experiences.

Additional certifications include:

360 Video Workflow

LinkedIn Learning

Credential ID: AYRZfPa_n1N7LYJ1v_CuKS5ZLOLV

VR and 360 Video Production

Google Daydream Impact/Coursera

Credential ID: PK3LC4GSLUYK

Content Strategy for Professionals: Engaging Audiences

Northwestern University/Coursera

Credential ID: BY48SUUUL5BE

Content Strategy for Professionals: Managing Content

Northwestern University/Coursera

Credential ID: B4QN8BVNCMF9

Storytelling for Influence


Credential ID: 173354b9052ec0

John Maeda on Design, Business, and Inclusion


Credential ID: Acbj8kiWZeUtliXKvx9ATx7xvXKr

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